Digital Evolutionary Accessibility

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Digital Evolutionary Accessibility

In Estudio Inclusivo we have modulated in progressive and independent phases the different types of profiles that may have difficulties in understanding and managing information in the digital environment.


In a first phase, access to information is facilitated with basic tools of accessibility:

Change the font to a more readable or special type for people with dyslexia

Apply colour contrast to the entire web

Highlight links

Apply zoom on the whole web.


2nd phase, we extended the tools of digital accessibility by incorporating pictograms in menus, titles and contact forms. As well as we automate the publication of texts in easy reading.

With this we get people who for reasons of training, ignorance of the language or difficulty of reading comprehension can develop in the digital world more easily.

With the pictograms it helps to identify the meaning of the contents and with easy reading a better understanding of the texts is promoted.


3rd phase, we provide accessible tools for people with great difficulty in seeing or understanding the content of the page. For these profiles locutions are enabled where the contents of the page are read allowing them to access all the information of this one.


4th phase, in the progressive improvement we give the page of videos with sign language in all the menus, titles and texts of the web so that those with hearing diversity easily access information about it.