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Add to your WordPress a panel with universal accessibility tools without the need for programming: Pictograms, sign language, audios, visual aids, keyboard navigation, zooms, fonts, large pointer, etc.

It’s completely customisable by the web administrator and each user or visitor has specific configurations for cognitive, auditory and visual profiles.

The perfect 3.0 solution for your organisation management of excellence, quality, resources and people. Take advantage of the potential of profiling, to allow each professional to work and document their work area, interacting with the rest of the team. Keep your stakeholders informed. Manage communication to your external customers or families.

This tool will allow you to create versions of your content in easy reading and thus be able to make an inclusive communication, allowing your message to reach all people, regardless of their condition, age or culture.

And it will also allow you to add pictograms to the titles of your content.