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As we said, we are going to launch a project called “Evolutionary Accessibility” where we intend to demonstrate that the fulfillment of Universal accessibility in a web, is more a matter of will than of economic resources.

We have just launched the ZERO phase of the project. In this phase there is a design and clean code in a basic website with its sections:


Inicio-Home Page.
Quiénes somos-About Us. (Mission, vision, Values and Commitment) where the information of the company is collected.
-Service Page.
Accesibilidad PAU-Accesibility Page.
Noticias-News Page.
Trabajos-Works page, “portfolio”, where the works and the clients of the company are shown.
Contacto-Contact Form.

Is this an accessible website?

It is NOT accessible for people who use a screen reader, or for those who have severe visual, auditory and cognitive problems.

YES it is accessible for all those people with cognitive diversity due to age, functionality or ignorance of the language. Since the information is presented in a simple and clear design, with pictograms that facilitate understanding, with easy reading that eliminates language barriers. The contrast of the colors has been taken care of, the images must be clear and the videos can be stopped and activated at any time.

Accessibility Measures implemented in Phase Zero:


Logotipos y colores usados– Logos and colors used on the web, with enough contrast to facilitate reading for people with visual impairment

Lectura fácil– Texts written using Easy Reading techniques, for people with cognitive, language or compression problems.

Estructura de encabezados– Header structure consistent, hierarchical and orderly, to facilitate navigation, visualization with support tools such as screen readers and correct indexing in search engines.

Estructura de encabezados con pictogramas– Menus, titles and headings with Pictograms, to facilitate their rapid localization. as well as for people with cognitive, language or compression problems

Textos sin justificar-Text not justified, and with an adequate separation and line spacing to facilitate reading, either for people with dyslexia, visual or cognitive problems.

Navegación por teclado

– We have made a basic implementation of keyboard navigation, either by jumps between sections of the page, and with keyboard navigation by means of a tabulator.

With these measures, information is provided to a significant number of users who do not have severe diversities if they have difficulty accessing it.

Next phase


This will address the accessibility to comply with the WCAG2 standard with the AA level required by the UNE 139803 Standard in force since July 4, 2012.

These measures will facilitate access for all those people who need a screen reader to access telematic information, people with severe visual diversity.

In the next article we will tell you the measures that are adopted and why, so that together we can discover the evolution of accessibility in the world of information.

Our goal is to demonstrate that creating an accessible space to facilitate access to information for all people is a matter of will rather than resources. Accessibility can be progressively implemented from a basic page with minimal tools but that facilitate access to information to a very large number of people until they reach a much more complex page and can be accessed by those who wish, whatever their diversity.

We continue to see ourselves in this path of evolutionary accessibility, do not miss the next tools applied and their reasons. You will surely discover that improving the conditions so that everyone can access information is rewarding, and innovating involves learning and interacting with users. This transversally improves the positioning of the page in search engines or SEO, while improving the way of communicating by getting the message better, and more people.


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